We all have this person inside that we aspire to be, but many of us fall short for one reason or another. Why is that? What holds us back from achieving the ultimate dream?

I believe what keeps us from pursing our destinies is a little thing called FEAR! We all have it, but what we do with our fears is where the difference lies. Fear can be just as big of a motivator as it can be something that stops us dead in our tracks.

How can we put our fears to rest and pursue our dreams? Well, one way is to stick to your goals, make them so small that when you trudge through them it feels easy. Don’t let your fears stand in your way of achieving the things youy want most in your life.

For one week, I challenge you to replace negative feelings with a postive and replace fear with love and nurturing. In other words when you say “i can’t or I’m not good enough” ask yourself a question. why can’t I or what makes me unworlthy or not good enough? I bet you will come to the simple conclusion that you can and will and you are worth it and you deserve it!

For one week, every day, look in the mirror and say to yourself, outloud with belief that this will be a prosperous, great day! Believe these words that you are saying and picture how your day would if it was perfect in your eyes. Would you reach and possibly exceed a sales goal?, would you laugh all day with your children at the park?, would you gain a new client? whatever it is that would make that day, that week perfect, picture it and let yourself feel what it would feel like when you meet that goal and then go out believing that you have met it.

Anyone who takes this challenge, I would love to hear how it went for you. I bet you will be very surprised because when you send out a positive vibe to the universe it will send that vibe right back to you.

Go out with a positive attitude and expereince all the wonderful gifts that come your way! 🙂

Have a fruitful day!


Good Morning All!

Today I would like to discuss the topic of getting engaged in life. To be engaged is to be alive. If you are not fully engaged in the game of life how do you expect to excell and meet all your desred goals?

Do you have personal and professional goals? If not, you should take some time to create some goals for yourself that will map out where you see yourself in one, five and ten years from right now. Goals are a great way to keep us on track and help with mapping our progress.

Remember when setting your goals you should make them attainable and map them out in baby steps so that you can envision yourself meeting those goals.

Life is a game and the harder you play, the better off you are in the long run!

Get exitied about the endless possiblities that life ahs to offer you, look at the braoder picture and embrace your dreams, live them and be infinatley happy! Don’t let another day be wasted on procrastination, take charge and be engaged!

Step 1: clear your head, go to a quiet place and spend some time with yourself, get inside your head and your heart and think about what you want and what you deserve out of life. Make sure you have no distractions because this is an imperative part of the process of mapping out your dreams. How can you achieve your goals if you don’t even know what they are?

Step 2: take a piece of paper and a pen and write!
write about what you want for yourself. Where do you see yourself in life? Where do you want to live? where do you want to work? what do you want to do? what kind of car do you want to drive? What kinds of trips do you want to take? The posibilities are endless. Have fun with step 2 and let your immagination go wild. You can achieve all that you want with a little effort and some positve guidance.

Step 3: Break it down
start to break down those desires and create avenues to make it happen. Will what you want to do require a college degree? Will it require making a move? Will it require taking a risk? think about what you need to do in order to create this new existance for yourself.

Step 4: Baby Steps
Write down what you need to change right now in order to make this new life a reality. Maybe you need to enroll in school, sell your house, or change jobs. Maybe your need to get married and start a family if that is your goal. Whatever your goal is it needs to start with a first step, so what is that first step going to be? Write it down.

Step 5: One year from Now!
On this new path, where will you be in the process of your new life in one year?

Step 6: Five years
Where will you be in the process of your new life in five years from righ now, day one? are you closing in on the goal? Are you happier than you’ve ever been? Is your life taking on a new positive direction?

Step 7: Ten Years
What does your new life look like 10 years from now? Are you basking in the riches of your new life? Remeber we are all different and want diffent things. Maybe your goal is simple and you want a better relationship with your family, has that goal been achieved or are you still working the process?

Step 8: Twenty Five years!
Where do you see yourself twenty five years from now? Are you retired and traveling, enjoying yoru grand babies, living your dreams? If not, start again at step one!

Remember: Life is a process, not a destination! Good luck in your goal setting challenge! Have a beautiful, blessed day! 🙂

Did you know that it takes more energy to frown than it does to smile and that adding a laugh to that smile may actually extend your life?  If we know this then why are so many people walking around in a slunp every day? 

That is what this blog is all about, uplifting the spirits of my readers and spreading a positvie light on those who choose to indulge in this journey with me.  I will take you on a journey each week with a positive story or quote that will make you smile, laugh, cry tears of joy or just touch your heart in some small way.  The only thing I ask of you in return is to please spread this good feeling to some one else. 

One person can truly make a difference in the lives of others, so together we can change the way the world looks at life, we can change how people feel with one kind word or helpful hand. 

This blog will only have good things in it, I am so tired of all the negativity in the media because it breads negative feelings in our lives.  I want to spread cheer and warm fuzzy feelings in hopes that it will generate a positive, uplifting message to all who choose to partake in this challenge.

For one day only, choose to enlighten some ones day with a friendly smile, a compliment, or an offering of support in some small manner, watch that person light up with gratitude and you yourself will feel the positive effects as well.

As you begin to reap the rewards, take this challenge a step further and extend it to a daily ritual choosing one person a day at minimum to be kind to and let the goodness spread like a dirty secret.  We will all benefit in the end because we don’t know where others are at and who knows, our one kind word may change their whole outlook on life. 

Go spread the news with a smile and have a wonderful, fun uplifting day!